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since April 1st 2019

In modernity, the city of Weimar stands for humanism and enlightenment as well as for exclusion and genocide. The concentration camp Buchenwald on the Ettersberg is part of this city and it shall be reminder and warning to all of us. The concentration camp prisoners were moved through this city – they were visible.

This fact is emphasized by a photography exhibition in public space during the year of the Bauhaus anniversary. There are many important places along the route between main station and city. In the north is the square in front of the station. A bit further south, we find the Buchenwald Square (“Buchenwaldplatz”) which has a direct connection to the concentration camp. Then, there is the New Museum (“Neues Museum”) – a place of art and former office of Gauleiter Sauckel (leader of the regional NSDAP district). After that, we face the present Thuringian administration office (Landesverwaltungsamt), which was part of the national socialist building complex “Gauforum”- an area designed to become the center of the city during the era of National Socialism. Finally, the new Bauhaus Museum.
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Weimar photographer Thomas Müller has portrayed former prisoners of the Buchenwald concentration camp from different countries for several years. Twentytwo large-sized portrait photos make this part of history visible. They invite the people of Weimar and their guests to consciously pause for a moment.

A project by Thomas Müller with Achava Festival Thuringia and the city of Weimar with the support of the Thüringer Staatskanzlei (Thuringian State Chancellery) and the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation.